Greetings and thank you for visiting the Sustainable Streets San Mateo project website. This project was completed on February 17, 2015 with the main goal to bring complete, sustainable streets to San Mateo over the next decades. What are Complete Streets you ask? According to the National Complete Streets Coalition, they are “routinely planned, designed, operated and maintained with the consideration of the needs and safety of all travelers along and across the entire public right of way. This includes people of all ages and abilities who are walking; driving vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles or buses; bicycling; using transit, or traveling with mobility aids; and freight shippers.”

This project was led by City staff who are committed to developing streets that are safe for our children and meet the needs of our many commuters. In addition, a team of experts was brought on to help our city develop a comprehensive and effective plan to bring Sustainable Streets to San Mateo. Please visit Downloads for the final report.

Want to know more about the Sustainable Streets project?

In this 10-minute interview published on July 3, 2014, Ken Chin from the City of San Mateo, discusses the San Mateo Sustainable Streets project with Dani Gasparini, host of Pen Voice. Pen Voice highlights community organizations and engages in community dialogue focusing on local issues, not-for-profit service awareness and community advocacy within San Mateo County.

This project is funded by Caltrans’ Community-Based Transportation Planning (CBTP) Grant Program and local matching funds.

- Sustainable Streets San Mateo Project Team